Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Equipoise try #2

My first try at a video that might show the joy of arranging colors didn't work out because I was not able to capture the screen in Photoshop the same way each time and presenting colors randomly was not visually satisfying.  So I decided to play a bit in Flash to see what might work there.
I didn't have a plan, just wanted to fool around to see some affects I have not tried before.
After a pretty short time I decided I liked the way the squares moved around and the way they came on to the screen but I definitely wanted to have a specific plan in the next attempt.
The music in this piece and yesterday's was chosen after I made the video just for fun.  It is music that I can use, as it is copyright free, a very nice feature.  I have a collection that I store in itunes and in this case I tried out those pieces that were the same length as my animation and found ones that seemed to be in the same spirit as the video.
Here is the the "play" video.
Tomorrow - the final version.