Tuesday, October 19, 2010


At this time of year I have noticed more squirrels seem to be caught by traffic than usual.  I assume it is because they are in a frenzy to store up for the winter.  I got to wondering while painting how squirrels communicate the danger of crossing the street to their buddies since those who don't make it have little to tell.  This and other questions, about these creatures who manage to share our lives better than most, remain unanswered after a quick look on line.  I did find that some squirrels actually cross with people at a crosswalk and at least one was spotted crossing alone on a crosswalk. Here is an interesting article about squirrel facts if you too are curious about the little guys.  SQUIRRELS THE ANIMAL ANSWER GUIDE And for those who would just like a good laugh there is this on youtube: SQUIRRELS AND CRACKHEADS CROSS THE STREET