Sunday, September 30, 2018

Florida #9

I'm afraid I have not given Florida as much time as it deserves, as it played such a key role in two Presidential elections.   Here is a good report on why Florida is so important in Presidential elections.

And here is why Florida went for Trump in the last election.  Just 56 percent of Florida voters younger than 30 turned out in the last presidential election. Among voters 65 and older, turnout was 82 percent. If younger voters had turned out at greater numbers Hillary Clinton would have defeated Donald Trump in Florida, and won the state’s 29 electoral votes.

Meanwhile I have been thinking about this job of painting the states and decided from now on I am going to work on a painting that can be a postcard, since after all, this is Postcards From Merion. (and I love postcards).

Here are a couple of ideas I thought of for Florida but decided not to paint.  I have not quite finished the one I decided on, so stay tuned for that exciting news.