Friday, July 10, 2015

more experiments

One more painting with individual wet spots before I spray the whole page with water.  For this one I created various flower like shapes with water and dropped in colors to see what would happen.  After it was semi dry I washed over the whole thing with water and when it was dry I added ink.

Now it is really time to spray the whole paper and see what happens when I add some drops of color.  It is really interesting to watch the colors run into each other but when they are dry it is not so interesting, so you never really know what you are going to end up with.   At least I don't yet.  With this one I added lots of colors willy nilly then wiped some of the color out with a crunched up paper towel.  I wish I had some sort of sponge that was cut into shapes so I could wipe out definite shapes.  I will have to make something to do that.  Here I simply added some brush strokes in different colors to see what kind of patterns I could create.  What I like best about these two paintings is the soft light that results from the over all wash. (Can't fit the whole page in my scanner)

So this time I sprayed the whole page and just kept dropping in colors, moving the paper around so as to make the colors run this way and that and did not use the brush at all.  This is definitely fun.  Is it art?