Friday, February 13, 2015

Nancy Herman's Art Newletter

Yesterday's post was less than satisfactory so I'm trying again.  Let me know if things improve if you have a chance.

                                     Welcome to the first issue of 

 Nancy Herman’s Art News

The weather is chilly in Philly, Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show, Madmen won’t start again until April and the world is a mess.  So what better to do than think about art.  For as Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 

I have resolved to get out there and see more art in this new year and my first foray into the great ocean of art available was very satisfying.  I went with a group of wonderful artists from the group ASSEMBLAGE  
to the Stedman Gallery at Rutgers to see the show FROM THE DIGITAL TOOLBOX

Nancy Maguire, Associate Director of Exhibitions, kindly arranged a terrific guide for us, Miranda Powell.  She was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic that she made the show come alive.  I was especially impressed with the artist Tim Portlock who uses 3-D technology and gaming software to create digital prints.  They were stunning.  I highly recommend the show but, if you go, hurry, as it will close February 20.


Meanwhile back in Merion I am working on writing and illustrating a children’s book with a friend.  The subject matter is quite interesting and I am learning a lot.  Unfortunately this leaves little time for painting as I am also purging my house of all the stuff that has accumulated over the past 43 years.  Stay tuned for art bargains in the next few months.

My previous two children’s books , "Olive and Sticky Bear" and "Joe and The Adobians" along with "Postcards from Merion” are now available on Amazon. LInk

A video of Olive and StickyBear with music sung by my daughter Gail and I and guitar by song writer and singer Bob Loy ( can be found on my tube channel
That deep voice you hear on the promo for Joe and the Adobians is that of my grandson Luke Herrine.
If you are interested in purchasing any of my small paintings most of them are listed on the web site Daily Paintworks

If you have enjoyed this newsletter please send it along to friends and family.  Any suggestions for good art to see please pass along.  Thank you and keep warm.


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