Thursday, April 14, 2016

Song #15 Weeping Cherry at Dusk

The weeping Cherry I planted in memory of my mother, as it usually blooms on April 15th, her birthday, looks like it may be in its last year.  It is a grafted tree and the graft is oozing a lot and there do not seem to be any leaves forming after the blooms.  It bloomed quite a bit early this year so it will be the first year it has not bloomed on her birthday.  These are all bad signs.  I have painted it repeatedly and rarely gotten it just right.  Here is one more stab at it with a cheery song to lift the sad story.  It is very dark so if you want to see it best view it large by clicking on the button in the far right corner of the screen.

Here is a photo of  the tree at dusk.