Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Walking After Snow

Before the snow turns to gray and all the magic is ashes, it is good to take a walk, especially if the sun is out.  The last two days have been perfect for a brisk walk covered in down.  I found the color theme, not surprisingly, to be white and blue.  Not only the shadows on the snow but the sky was a brilliant blue and the clouds competed with the snow for attention.  As often happens to me when things are surprisingly beautiful I find myself in a state of awe.  Everything looks perfect.  I snap away with my camera in an ecstasy of appreciation.  When I get home and look at what I have taken I am often surprised to see that what seemed so fabulous actually looks rather ordinary when committed to the flat surface of a computer screen and even less promising when printed out.  Here, however, are some reminders, at least, of a lovely experience.

The large Sycamores seem to be reaching with a mighty force to the sky.  Their white branches bring the eye up from the snow to greet the clouds.

The delicate blue shadows of this cut leaf maple in the park are in the spotlight as I go by.

In contrast the grand Katsura's shadows dig big powerful blue shapes in the snow with the animal tracks creating a light motif.

The Hydrangeas in my neighbor's front yard carry their burden of snow with a gay flare as if dancing in their formal garden.

The Paper Birch next door adds another note of orange with its beautiful peeling bark.

Afterall what is blue without a touch of orange to bring it to life.

As I come to the end of my walk I pass the lovely old Barnes building lit by the sun.   What ghosts are in that empty building and what are they up to?