Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Spring has me in a tizzy as usual.  Ever since I have been a child looking out the window as nature slowly came back to life I have wanted to be a part of it somehow.  This time of year is for me full of vague yet intense yearning.  It is as if my spirit is part of nature in its pulsing growth and is looking for a way to manifest itself in the same way the trees are bursting with life.
Yesterday I began making water colors for the first time in many years hoping to find a way to paint outside that is not quite as messy and complicated as oils. In the week or so up to this time I have been trying to capture something of these feelings in a video.  I wanted to somehow represent the way nature moves from very simple to very complex forms in a very short time.
Here is a first stab at that.  Any feedback is very welcome.  This music does not end where the video does so I may try to finish it.