Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Morning Light on a New Year
Nancy Herman
6" x 8"
oil on canvas board

One day it is 2012 and the next it is 2013.  We accept this convention, change calendars, and don't think much about our reliance on our concept of time.  
Suppose we did not keep track of time the way we do with clocks and watches.  What a different life it would be.  
"I'll meet you when the sun is half way accross the western sky.  If the sun isn't out we will meet when it is."  "When the sun sets at the bottom of the street we will have our annual dance of the neighbors.  This has been going on for 100 sunsets and we have celebrated for 42 of those."  "We will have our party when the next half moon occurs ...or planning ahead, after we have had 4 full moons."
We would always be outside looking up to see what our lives would hold instead of being inside checking the clock.  Or perhaps we would be guided by the condition of the earth.."when the dew is dry we will have coffee...or when the larkspur blooms we will meet again".  Who knows what it would be like or what it was like before "time".