Monday, October 25, 2010

BRAHMS RHAPSODY (eight measures)

Today is INTERNATIONAL ARTIST DAY.  You won't be hearing much about this except from other artists perhaps, but some of us are celebrating by honoring another artist who was an inspiration.
In 1973  I had the great good fortune of taking Josef Albers' course on the INTERACTION OF COLOR which was taught at the University of Pennsylvania at that time.   
In that course and another Bauhaus course that was given at the same time, having to do with finding the natural order in any given set of materials, I learned more about how to think about making art than in all my other studies combined.  From that time until the present I have been working on translating music to color.  It was seeing the way one color changes another when they are juxtaposed that ignited my enthusiasm to work on this idea as that interaction seemed to contain the same kind of energy that I experience when listening to music.  This is an example of my 'translations' of music to color in two dimensions and you can check out all my animations of music with this link.  Here is also a link to my book about the process IF C IS RED.

72" X 36"
signed limited edition digital print on archival paper with archival inks