Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Blues About the News

Nancy Herman
6" x 8"
oil on canvas board

Will the morning newspaper go the way of 78 records, glass milk jars, Hoola Hoops, the Twist, the old Penn Station, Wannamakers, Lil Abner, analogue TV and so many more things that once seemed a part of "life" and now are gone?  In spite of the fact that newspapers consume a lot of trees and they can't be as up to the minute as the internet, I do hope they will remain.  There is something about holding the paper in your hands with all the wealth of information that it contains that makes the world feel civilized to me.  In one package there is information about so many diverse aspects of life and opinions from jouralists I come to know, for better or worse.  
Reading one or two papers for many years is like having a group of friends who really get around and love sharing their experiences with you everyday.  Can that experience be better on line?  I don't think so, but reading the paper takes time.  Do we want to spend time dedicated to finding out what's going on, or are we content with a sound bite here and there?  What do you think? Are newspapers worth saving?