Monday, May 6, 2013

EQUIPOISE in process part 1

Since I last posted I had an opening and a new idea for some visual music.  I did not paint all last week, in part because I was busy getting ready for the show, planting and weeding my garden and working on the new idea.
I have not talked much about the process of making art on this blog but since I have at hand 2 examples of how this idea evolved I thought I would give it a try.
After posting HAPPINESS ATTACK I got to thinking that what thrills me about working with color is that, given any set of colors, there is always an arrangement that seems "right," and it is the process of finding the arrangement that is as good as looking at the final product.  So making a video of the process might give an idea of that fun and maybe be fun to watch.
I decided to go with the colors in this photo because I really don't know how I can paint this scene again yet, although I love the colors and every year I do paint this tree, as I planted it to celebrate my mother's birthday, April 15.

At first I decided to just randomly grab colors in Photoshop and place them in squares in a grid in imovie.  I like the transition option called "cross dissolve" which does not exist in Flash so I decided to make the squares appear and move gently into each other in this very time consuming way.  
I liked the way it looked at first but I soon realized that it was going to be almost impossible to "screen grab" the colors in Photoshop and get each grab exactly the same.  I also had not arranged the colors previously so unless I could scoot them around they would not be in order.   I continued to fill in the squares just to be sure random wouldn't work.  It didn't........ so I simply morphed the arranged colors on at the end.
Here is that video.  Don't worry if you get tired of looking at it pretty quickly, I did too.  It is only 2 minutes and 18 seconds so you might like to see the whole thing however.
Second try tomorrow.