Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday morning

The opening of the show at Town Hall Coffee House has come and gone. All the paintings are safely hung and it's time to get back to work.
This fall has been so very beautiful, I want to try to capture it in my next group of paintings.  It is such a popular subject that it is hard to think of a painting without being aware of all the others that have gone before.  Is it ever possible to see with a fresh eye?
Here are some links to fall paintings that are probably going to influence my choice of subject and even the way I paint it.

Monet could create light and sparkle like no other.

Van Gogh used paint as if it were some kind of electrified energy.


Grant Wood kept everything in order and rounded the corners.


Paul Klee with magic at his command was nontheless poetic and funny.

Richard Diebenkorn has dynamic compostions that blow me away.


Edward Hopper  managed to have interesting compostions, startling light and a sense of longing even when there are no people in his work.


Josf Albers  boiled the whole season down to 4 colors and somehow made me care about them.

Charles Demuth's water colors are so fresh and delightful.  He says so much by saying so little.