Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Song #7

Today's "song" is just plain corny.  When I got up yesterday morning and looked out the window the whole sky was lit up as the sun came into view and the reflections on the snow were spectacular.  You've seen this kind of scene portrayed ad nauseum but I decided to do it anyway.  You don't hear people talking about stuff that is "corny" much anymore but here is the definition and derivation in case you are interested.
  I find that simply starting out with nothing in mind and working away at trying to create something is much more fun than having something in mind and going for it.  There is the joy of figuring out how to do what you have in mind but not the same kind of excitement or spontaneity as reacting on a moment to moment basis to what is happening.  This one was planned...but not too well as I didn't use layers as well as I could have. I may do it again with better planning.
Here it is SONG #7.