Saturday, January 14, 2017


Did you ever notice that there is very little computer activity on Saturdays?  There is little mail and not much on Facebook compared to other days.  It must be that a lot of people are using social media to pass the time when they are at work.  Once they have a day off they actually do things in the real world.  That is good news.

Since I am rarely anyplace but right here, the day of the week doesn't matter to me.  So since I finished this video today I am posting it today even though it is Saturday.  I made this piece in part because I love the way images fade into each other, leaving the ghost of one to merge with the ghost of the other.  Our interactions with our surroundings and other people are like that. They combine subtly in our minds in unexpected ways.

I know a lot of people see this blog on their phone, but if you are going to spend the 5 minutes it takes to watch it, I suggest you watch it on a big screen.  It really is meant to be seen that way. Think of it as a coming attraction.  Even though the feeling in this piece has a lot to do with what's gone before, for me it is what I imagine this year is going to feel like.  That isn't really good news.