Thursday, July 12, 2018


In 1636 the Piquot Indians were defeated in the Piquot War.  The Piquot eventually were dispersed to reservations and other States with some still living in Connecticut as citizens.
In 1662 Connecticut's original Charter granted it all the land to the "South Sea" - that is the Pacific Ocean.  Connecticut took its grant seriously and established a ninth county between the Susquehanna River and the Delaware River named Westmoreland County.  This resulted in the brief Pennamite Wars with Pennsylvania.  Eventually all the land originally claimed by Connecticut was broken up, ceded to the United States or grabbed by its neighbors leaving the State borders that remain.
Our country was founded on one war after another with boundaries of the States shifting with the tides of human greed.  We take for granted our country with its neat boundaries around States, with governments in place for quite a while, but it was not always so and one wonders how long it will last as it is.