Saturday, June 23, 2018


Here is an interesting artist, Christopher Martin, who is also a fine business man apparently, as he has several galleries in various parts of the country.  It seems in each gallery he has his paintings and other artists - all sculptors (no competition).  His web site is very easy to operate and quite good at showing the work, so I suggest you wonder around in it.  Don't miss the other galleries as they are interesting in themselves.

Martin began in Dallas but moved to Aspen 6 years ago.  His father does his books and his employees are his friends. He keeps up with all his collectors and enjoys this part of his work.  He seems to be a very unusual artist in this respect.  An artist is in charge of a small business, very small usually, and it is rare that someone who can produce so many paintings will also have the desire, the skill, and the time to also message collectors and run several galleries.