Thursday, November 1, 2012

manhole cover and dead fish

6" x 8"
oil on canvas board

Poets, artists, musicians and crafts people celebrate nature with their work.  This beautiful manhole cover from Japan is an example of the way we use our feelings of appreciation for the natural world to permeate and decorate every part of our world.  At the same time we honor nature with our art we are destroying our fellow creatures and their habitats at a rapid rate.  Many fish are being fished to extinction simply because they are in the way of nets that are intended for other fish.   The whole earth as we know it is being destroyed as the planet heats up and we do not take draconian measures to curb our contributions to global warming.
We have too many people on the planet and we have a candidate for President who wants to abolish Planned Parenthood.  Our present use of carbon based fuels is warming the globe and causing us to be dependent on nations who want to destroy us, and the same candidate criticizes the President for investing in alternative fuels.  Anyone coming from outer space would be convinced we are insane.
President Obama was not able to accomplish all that he promised in the last election but he is heading the country in right direction.  Please get out there and vote for him.