Friday, March 18, 2011


This week I have only posted one painting as I ran out of canvas panels, but I have been busy planning for next week.
Meanwhile in my spare time I have been translating a piece of music to color using my "tuned set" of colors.  This is a project I have been working on for years in both two dimensions and with animations made in Bliss Paint or with Flash.  You can read all about it if you are interested on my web site.  Here is the latest piece REVERANCE.  The music is a piece by Offenbach played by Tatyana Featherman from the CD STEP UP. (The piece repeats automatically - haven't figured out how to control that yet).
In this piece I leave the colors on the screen to complete a 'phrase'.  Each time I animate a piece I try something slightly different to see which things seem to hold together in the mind best.  You can check some of the other pieces out to see what you think if you have time. "Having time" - what an interesting expression that is.  How much time do you have - the ultimate question.
Tatyana Featherman often accompanies the Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet classes in Narberth.  This is a real gem in our community...and they have adult beginner classes!