Friday, October 12, 2018

Florida #10

Well here it is way into October and Florida is not really finished.  I sent out my newsletter with the Florida postcard and there were several responses that made me rethink it.

Here is the original painted postcard which I think says what I want to say about Florida.

Here is what was suggested by one person with a stormy sky, red tide, and the top of Mar a Lago in the sea added.

Here is another suggestion from yet another contributor.  All of the above with a dead fish.

Someone on Facebook didn't like the ones with Mar a Lago as she felt that made it seem as if the man facing the tide was Trump...and she feels we see enough of Trump all the time and he should not be brought into every image.

My original intention was to have the man represent "everyman", facing the see alone.  The word Florida, which is usually portrayed in postcards as being filled with fun stuff, is here empty as the tide comes in.  I am going with the first image for my postcard.  But I would love to here what you think.