Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Red Bike

It's New Year's Eve Day and most of you will be getting the glad rags on or stocking up on Champagne.  But, if you have 9 minutes and 5 seconds to spare, take a look at the silent movie I have been working on this month instead of painting.
It is an entry in the Bryn Mawr Film Institute's contest, which asks film makers to create a short film of 15 minute or less based on one in a list of classic films.  I chose The Bicylcle Thieves, an old Italian film by Director Vitorio DeSica.
As you will see it uses a lot of local talent - my Brooklyn children and grandchildren.  The best part is the score which was composed and performed in one go, just like in the old days, by my good old friend Squeek Steele who you might know as Squeek Moore, former music teacher at Merion School.
Here is the link. (This is not the absolutely final version but it is so close that utube would not accept it as another video, they thought the new one was the same)