Thursday, June 24, 2010


You're absolutely right this is not anywhere near Merion.  In fact it is in Hawaii.  No, I have not changed my position on travel. Instead I have found the perfect solution for me.  Google street view.  While surfing the net a couple of days ago I found a site called THE VIRTUAL PAINTOUT.  There artists are invited to use google street view to find a spot and paint it.  Each month there is a diferent spot chosen and this month it is Hawaii.
I had a great time looking for a spot that had a palm tree and I could infuse with a lot of saturated paint, as I imagine Hawaii to be very colorful.  I have been all over the coasts of Hawaii, through preserves, looking at beautiful mountains, volcanic hot spots and beach scenes.  What fun!  If all goes well you will be able to click the title and go to the spot I painted and from there you will be able to travel anywhere you want in the world - well not everywhere, but enough places to keep you traveling for as long as your sense of 'virtual' adventure lasts.