Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Every spring I wait with bated breath for the appearance of my Poppies. 
 (By the way this is the only way we use the word bate these days.  It comes from "abate" to hold back.  Since I am a terrible speller I looked up the spelling to be sure and found this funny little poem that uses the incorrect spelling of the word to good "effect"...and why is it not "affect"?  Well I think because in this case it is a noun.)

Geoffrey Taylor
Cruel, Clever Cat, 1933
Sally, having swallowed cheese
Directs down holes the scented breeze
Enticing thus with baited breath
Nice mice to an untimely death.
So much for the grammar discussion.  Here is one of my favorite Poppy paintings.  I recently found a painting done by my grandmother of Poppies so I suppose you could say Poppy painting runs in the family.

Nancy Herman
12" x 16"
oil on stretched canvas

close up