Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Forsythia 2011
6" x 8"
oil on canvas board

I have been busy creating a new web site for the past two weeks, so have not been painting, but last year's Forsythia painting fits the moment perfectly.

I love Forsythia.  It is for me the real messenger of spring as it is so jolly in its thrusting glory.  I hold in deepest disregard those who turn their Forsythia bushes into crippled balls.  Every year I shudder past Merion Mercy Academy in the spring as they have a whole row of Forsythia hedge that could be a glory of spritely delight brightening Montgomery Avenue.  But no...they always trim the hedge so there is only a strangled few blooms.  It is as if the gardeners can't stand the exuberance.  Yet this has gone on for years, and gardeners come and go, so I can only conclude it is orders from above.  How far up I don't know.