Wednesday, October 20, 2010


October is cider, spiced wafers and Halloween.  It is a wonderful holiday as it gives kids a chance to experience life in a new light.  Two things I remember as a child at Halloween.  First when I was 7 or 8 ringing doorbells and running away to hide in the bushes on Mischief night.  The police arrived with search lights and we got away just in the nick of time but I still remember the panic and have been a law abiding citizen ever since.    The second is when I lived in the country and was around 13 going out on Halloween dressed up as a hobo. Two friends and I walked down a long dark lane to a house way off the road to trick or treat.  The people who answered the door obviously did not anticipate anyone but were game enough to offer us hot chocolate.  They had a very run down establishment and were not given to casual chatter.  We of course had to accept their 'treat'.  So there I sat, dressed as a hobo with people who were close to that state themselves, drinking their hot chocolate.  It was food for thought to say the least.