Tuesday, November 1, 2011


My animation "Shalom for Peco" will be displayed every Friday night in November in the Crown Lights display for their program Art in the Air.  The pieces must be only 30 seconds and in the format of the display which is very long and thin.  For this one I used as inspiration the old Israeli folk tune Shalom Chaverim.  'Here' is my translation of that to color and 'here' is the piece as it will appear on the crown lights display.  If you are anywhere near the display on Friday night, look up to see this one and several others.
It is an interesting challenge to compose something that seems to have a beginning and an end and only lasts 30 seconds.  (By the way if you are wondering who Illuminata is on the youtube piece it is me.)

The great quirky sound on the round was programmed by Luke Herrine my dear grandson and has gotten 4,247 hits on youtube.  It is only to be surpassed by another that he programmed, Donna Nobis Pacem which has gotten 122,441.