Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have no painting today as the painting I did is awful.  Not sure why, it just is.  Do to technical difficulties, as they say, I don't have any canvas panels prepared - I made a batch, left them out in the sun to dry and it rained, warping all.  They are presently under some heavy cement blocks but I have little hope they can be saved.  Meanwhile it is too wet outside to make more. So...no paintings for a bit.  We did have a wonderful harvest moon last week which got me singing 'Shine on Harvest Moon' and looking for some interesting versions of it on Youtube.  Here is one that I think you will enjoy.  It is a part of an old Laurel and Hardy movie.  Laurel and Hardy always made me uncomfortable because of the deep sado- mascochism driving their partnership but there is none of that here, and there is a really delightful dance that shows Laurel to be unaffectedly light hearted even after all his bashings by Hardy.   Keep watching past all the marching in the beginning.