Saturday, May 21, 2011


Yesterday at the Morris Arboretum, under the pergola in the rose garden,was the first time all week I felt happy painting.  What a lovely place!  It was not the perfect spot to see the grandeur of the formal rose garden, but I was out of the rain the whole time in a lovely atmosphere and I could appreciate the rain for the life giving force it is.
When I finished painting, as I made my way up the hill to the car with all my supplies, the sun came out and filled the whole beautiful garden.  Every rain drop was caught  in the leaves and lit like a gigantic array of jewels. The sky was filled with dark clouds, accentuating the sun light in the garden.  It was an awe inspiring moment that only lasted a short time before the rain began again, but it made the whole struggle to find some meaning in catching nature on canvas seem worth the effort.