Monday, July 22, 2013

Iris in the Morning

Nancy Herman
9" x 12"
oil on canvas board

I painted this in the spring but have not posted it because I was uncomfortable with it.  It has a religious feel.  I am not religious. When I am outside in my garden or in any grand natural space I do feel connected to the universe.  I worship the "earth and the fullness thereof" but not necessarily "those that dwell therein" and though I wish I could believe that there is a "father" up there looking after me, I simply can't.  The beauty of the words of the Lord's prayer are a comfort.  They were composed by someone with a great heart and fine sensibility.  I believe in the possibility that humans might be fair and just, but organized religion has not worked that magic.  It is time for humans to recognize they are responsible for the evil and the goodness in the world not God or the Devil. 
Why am I finally posting this painting?  Because looking at it over a few months has made me think.  Those rays of sun are generative and can be destructive.  They can nurture our garden or wither it.  There is all you need to know about life in the garden.  For me this is the place of worship.