Sunday, January 28, 2018


We have only a few days left to deal with the culture of Alabama.

Along with looking into the history of Alabama I read a book which was written about a small town in Alabama from the viewpoint of a young boy, A BOY'S LIFE by Robert McCammon.  I enjoyed the book very much.  I think it should be made into a series as there is something exciting happening regularly, enough for at least 20 episodes. The main character keeps his head on his shoulders as he is buffeted by life.  It deals with bullies of all ages, race relations in the south, fathers and sons, and a lot of fantasy.  A mystery ties the whole plot together.

"Zephyr, Alabama, is an idyllic hometown for eleven-year-old Cory Mackenson—a place where monsters swim the river deep and friends are forever. Then, one cold spring morning, Cory and his father witness a car plunge into a lake—and a desperate rescue attempt brings his father face-to-face with a terrible vision of death that will haunt him forever."....AMAZON

I have not seen the movie SELMA but I plan to.

Here are all the well known people who came from Alabama.