Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Barnes Arboretum

On Sunday to treat myself on Mother's Day.  I went to the newly opened Barnes Foundation in Merion's arboretum.  I had not been through the grounds for years as it has not been open. 

It was a perfect day and I knew the lilacs would be in bloom.  I went at 10:00 and was the only person there at that time.  It was absolutely silent except for the birds chattering and the low hum of insects.  The aroma from the hundreds of lilacs was intoxicating. The beauty of the meticulously cared for gardens was staggering.  I was moved to tears by the experience.  In the next few days I will try to capture some of what I felt there.  I took pictures of everything but when I came home and looked at them they simply didn't get it.  Maybe later I will paint what I experienced but for now words and photos will try and recapture those moments.

There is something about being alone in someone else's garden that is a little scary and quite wonderful.  As I walked into the space, along the path leading into the formal gardens, I felt the magic of the place rising up to meet me.

The gardens are tiered and the path leads past some glorious trees down  through an arbor.  The arbor frames the entrance to the wider experience.

More tomorrow.