Monday, October 24, 2011


Nancy Herman
oil on canvas board
9" x 12"

I am still wandering in Sardinia and found this, to me, very interesting spot where I invite you to travel for a few minutes.  Here is the link to the google map spot.  Imagine living here.  One appears to be at the top of a hill or even a mountain.  The road seems to stop after your house.  Opposite your house is some sort of a memorial space where some cherished relatives are buried(?) (Just move the scene around to see all sides).  If you travel down the road ( click on the arrow and keep traveling) you will see one beautiful view after another but you will also notice that there are no houses for what seems like miles and miles.  So there you are at the top of a mountain with your memorial park and a beautiful view in a pink villa miles from other people.... mmmmmm.  There must be a story here.