Monday, June 18, 2012

Nancy Herman
6" x 8"
oil on canvas board
I am not a fan of traveling, preferring the comfort of home over the lure of exotic places.  I do, however, like a good train trip.  There is something about the whole experience that takes me on a ride that has nothing to do with where I am going.  It is so old fashioned and comforting. Getting into a well appointed seat next to a quiet stranger who minds his or her own business, sitting back and watching the scenery pass by suits me very well.
Trains are really safe too.  I once was on a train on the way to San Francisco that derailed.  I was asleep in my cozy berth and didn't even wake up until I heard the noise of the conductors outside my window and realized we were not moving.  In a few minutes we were off again into the night.
I especially like the look of the old factory buildings that are on the trip from Philadelphia to New York.  They always get my imagination stirred and I plan to paint as many as possible sooner or later.  Here are some shapes and shadows from the tracks near 30th Street Station.