Saturday, February 10, 2018


There are very few roads in Alaska so traveling on Google maps is limited but today I took a trip on the Glen Highway in Glennallen which is in the Southeastern area of the State.

This from Wikipedia:

"During World War II, the United States built a series of military bases in Alaska, primarily for the purpose of supplying aircraft and other war materiel to Russia by way of Alaska and the Russian Far East as part of the Lend-lease program. This made it difficult for the Germans to the west and the Japanese to the south of Russia to interfere with the supply operation. As part of this operation, highways were built to supply the bases. The major highway project of this effort was the Alaska Highway from Dawson CreekBritish ColumbiaCanada to the existing Richardson Highway at Delta Junction, Alaska and thus to Fairbanks via the Richardson Highway. Another project was the Glenn Highway, which connected Anchorage, Alaska's largest city, with the Richardson Highway, and thus with the rest of Alaska, Canada, and the then-48 United States.[citation needed]"       

You can drive for miles and see nothing with a very occasional car passing by.

However I did spot this rest stop after many miles.

And, just as I was afraid I would run out of gas and die of hunger, a Grocery store and gas station.


I saw no billboards, no Drugstores, no MacDonalds or Wendy's on this highway.