Friday, June 29, 2018

colorado #17

One last post about Colorado before we move on East to Connecticut.  The state flower of Colorado is the Larkspur.  I have a little love affair with the Larkspur as it is a lovely shade of blue violet and as it happens it is in full bloom right now in my vegetable garden.  Over the years I have painted it many times and I am not finished with it by any means. Here are three paintings.  The second stars the Cleome but Larkspur is int he background.


And some plans that may become paintings.

Thursday, June 28, 2018


Today's artist Molly Berger does some fascinating work and her web site is as interesting as her ceramics.  I was first drawn to this image which I thought was a painting,

Then I discovered that Molly works in ceramics.  On her web site you will see some fascinating tools..or are they.  Her studio is an art work in itself as she has engineered it precisely to fit her body and her working style and it is beautiful.  Please check out all the links on the site to get the full picture of this thoughtful artist.

Here are a few more of her household objects.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Today Jane Guthridge and her art take center stage.  In her series The Space Between she completely saturates thin Asian papers with encaustic, making them translucent and applies them to canvas in many layers.  This creates light patterns that change through out the day and create visual depth.  I would love to see these in person.  The soft colors and shapes are very appealing.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

colorado #14

Jacob Hashimoto really thinks and works big.  He uses simple shapes, circles, squares and in the example shown a sail boat, and multiplies them many, many times to create complex structures that can fill a large room.  Sometimes he uses translucent paper and sometimes colored geometric images to make these parts.

He was born in Colorado but like any artist who wants to make it big in the art world he now lives in New York City.

Here is a link to his web site where I suggest you check out the videos which show how he and his assistants actually construct these monumental works.  

Jacob Hashimoto

Monday, June 25, 2018


For something entirely different here are 15 street artists from Denver who happen to be women.  What used to be called Graffiti is now street art.  I used to be appalled whenever I saw Graffiti.  I have to admit that I am not something of a fan of this exuberant art form.  Sometimes it is awful and sometimes wonderful like most art but if there is a blank wall why not fill it with colorful forms?

Saturday, June 23, 2018


Here is an interesting artist, Christopher Martin, who is also a fine business man apparently, as he has several galleries in various parts of the country.  It seems in each gallery he has his paintings and other artists - all sculptors (no competition).  His web site is very easy to operate and quite good at showing the work, so I suggest you wonder around in it.  Don't miss the other galleries as they are interesting in themselves.

Martin began in Dallas but moved to Aspen 6 years ago.  His father does his books and his employees are his friends. He keeps up with all his collectors and enjoys this part of his work.  He seems to be a very unusual artist in this respect.  An artist is in charge of a small business, very small usually, and it is rare that someone who can produce so many paintings will also have the desire, the skill, and the time to also message collectors and run several galleries.

Friday, June 22, 2018


Colorado has a lively arts community.  There is the Colorado Shakespeare Festival in Boulder, the Aspen Music Festival, Vail International Dance Festival, Boulder's Colorado MahlerFest, the Breckenridge Music Festival and the Strings Music Festival in Steamboat Springs.
Here is a list of art Museums in Colorado.
  • Denver Art Museum. 100 W. ... 
  • Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College. 30 W. ... 
  • Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center. 210 N. ... 
  • Chapungu Sculpture Park at Centerra. ... 
  • Aspen Art Museum. ... 
  • American Museum of Western Art - The Anschutz Collection. ... 
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. ... 
  • Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

And many movies have been shot in Colorado most notably Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, True Grit, and The Searchers.  There are also a number of film festivals held there.

Since this is primarily an art blog, I think I will highlight some artists who's work appeals to me who live and work in Colorado.
This image by the artist Radeaux caught my interest because the colors and the simple shape appeal to me.

But it turns out that he is primarily interested in painting birds and does so very carefully getting the anatomy and colors as close as he can.  After his wife brought home a quilt incorporating images of birds he was fascinated by the rhythms created and is now painting "quilts" of his own after researching all the many quilt patterns that incorporate images of birds.  I especially like his use of color.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


"Colorado suffered greatly through the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, but a major wave of immigration following World War II boosted Colorado's fortune"...Wikipedia 

Since immigration is in the news right now here are some statistics about how Colorado benefits from immigrants today.

And here from Americans for Immigrant Justice is the Truth about Immigration.

Here is one of Donald Trump's proclamations about immigrants.  2 hours ago he said he would back both bills on immigration the House is proposing because it "looks bad" to have children separated from their parents, something he put in place.

Below is some of what's happening in the United States of America, the HOME OF THE FREE right now.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Review of show

Here is a link to a review of my show at the Cosmopolitan Club.  It til until June 25th, 1616 Latimer Street, Philadelphia.


In 1878 a major silver lode was discovered in Leadville triggering the Colorado Silver Boom.  This was a relatively short lived phenomena leading to wild expenditures of money on housing without infrastructure to go with it and when the bubble burst for many reason it left Colorado very hard hit, with unemployment very high.  But the economy slowly improved because of the floriculture industry.  This period was known locally as the Carnation gold Rush.
Colorado was the second state to grant the vote to women in 1893 and the first by a popular vote which was of course all men voting.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Colorado #7

"In 1864, Territorial Governor John Evans appointed the Reverend John Chivington as Colonel of the Colorado Volunteers with orders to protect white settlers from the Cheyenne and Arapaho warriors who were accused of stealing cattle.  Colonel Chivington ordered his men to attack a band of Cheyenne and Arapaho encamped along Sand Creek.  Chivington reported that his troops killed more than 500 warriors.  The militia returned to Denver City in triumph, but several officers reported that the so called battle was a blatant massacre of Indians at peace, that most of the dead were women and children, and that bodies of the dead had been hideously mutilated and desecrated.  Three U. S. Army inquiries condemned the action, and incoming President Andrew Johnson asked Governor Evans for his resignation, but none of the perpetrators was ever punished.  This event is now known as the Sand Creek Massacre"... Wikipedia
"Among the chiefs killed were most of those who had advocated peace with white settlers and the U.S. government.[44] The net effect of the murders and ensuing weakening of the peace faction exacerbated the developing social and political rift. Traditional council chiefs, mature men who sought consensus and looked to the future of their people, and their followers, were opposed by the younger and more militaristic Dog Soldiers"... Wikipedia
These historical incidents remind us that the United States has done its share of crimes against humanity and that giving men guns and authorizing them to kill is always a dangerous game with unintended consequences.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Colorado #6

In 1857 Green Russell and Sam Bates found a small placer deposit of gold near the mouth of the Little Dry Creek in Colorado that yielded about 622 grams of gold.  This was the first significant gold discovery in the Rocky Mountain region.  News of this discovery soon spread and precipitated the Pike's Peak Gold Rush.  The gold soon ran out but miners then discovered far more valuable seams of hard rock gold, silver and other minerals in the nearby mountains.
Like California Colorado increased its population because of the discovery of gold.  
The United States could be characterized as a nation in pursuit of something.  The first settlers came for religious freedom and the great migration west happened because of a lust for gold,,,, and also sunny skies.  We are seekers of a better life, not satisfied with where we are or particularly interested in following old rules of conduct.  This is our strength and our weakness.

Here is a scene from Charlie Chaplin's GOLD RUSH.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


It is surprising to me who has grown up with the familiar map of the US with its neat borders that there was so many changes in states and their borders in the early years of the Union.  Colorado didn't really become Colorado until February 28, 1861 when James Buchanan signed an Act of Congress organizing the the free Territory of Colorado.  Before that Spain owned portions of the territory, it was part of Mexico and the territory was divided in several different ways.

It is sometimes asserted that it was named Colorado because it was believed the Colorado River originated there and the river was named by the Native Americans because of the red-brown silt that the river carried from the mountains.  However according to Friends of Red Rock Canyon the state was named for Colorado City as the Colorado River has only recently been called the Colorado River.  Colorado City was named because the Spanish word for red is colorado and the Rocks in Colorado are red.  So take your pick river or rocks, red is associated with the terrain of Colorado.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Colorado is now experiencing a number of wild fires.  Wild fires are caused by several factors.  

Apparently in Colorado more people are making their home in the mountains, in vulnerable areas.  On top of that, Colorado forests have a lot of standing dead and fallen trees.  These are a perfect fuel source for a wildfire and a firefighter's worst nightmare.  The majority of fires are started by either campfires gone awry or lightning. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


The first indigenous people of Colorado were Paleo-Indian culture they date back to 10,000 BC.  They lived in caves or were Nomadic Hunters.

Around 7000 BC they began to build basic shelters and made stone weapons and stone tools.

Around 2500 BC called the Gulf Formational Period ceramics and pottery came into being.

1000 AD farming and permanent houses arrived

1500 Colorado is the homeland of the Ute Indian tribe which still exists there today.  There were also Apache, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Shoshone and Pueblo tribes at one time.

Ute art from Telluride

Monday, June 11, 2018

colorado #2

Colorado has the highest elevation of any state, with more than 1,000 rocky Mountain peaks over 10,000 fit high and 54 towering above 14,000 ft.  Pikes Peak, the most famous of these mountains, was discovered by U.S. Army lieutenant Zebulon M. Pike in 1806.

Breathtaking scenery and world-class skiing make Colorado a prime tourist destination. The main tourist attractions in the state include Rocky Mountain National Park, Curecanti National Recreation Area, Mesa Verde National Park, the Great Sand Dunes and Dinosaur National Monuments, Colorado National Monument, and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument.
Breathtaking scenery and world-class king make Colorado a prime tourist destination.  Here are the most popular tourist attractions.
Rocky Mountain National Park
Curecanti National Recreation AreaMesa Verde National Park ParkThe Great Sand Dunes and Dinosaur National MonumentsColorado National Monumentand the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument

Here is another video with some great pictures of Colorado and another Colorado song.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

california painting

We have moved on to Colorado but California's painting was just finished.  I am a bit behind but plan to catch up this month.  This is 22nd Avenue in San Fransisco.  It was not easy to decide what to paint, as California is such a very large state and there is so much to see, but I decided I wanted something that would be typical of what might draw people there from the East as so much of California's history up until today has been based on the desire to make one's life in sunny California.  Here are some houses that said, "Welcome", to me with a little whimsy.  You can review all the paintings of the states so far on this link to my website.

Nancy Herman
12" x 24"
oil on canvas

$500.00 with $250.00 to the ACLU

Friday, June 8, 2018


It's June so time to get going into our next state which is Colorado.  My first problem is always where exactly is Colorado.  So, it is slightly left of center bordered by Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas.  That's a lot of states to be bordered by.  It is defined solely by lines of longitude and latitude.

And here is ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH by John Denver with lots of great pictures to get us started on our trip to this great state.