Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Stamp

Nancy Herman
20" x 20"
Limited edition signed digital print on archival paper with archival inks

I have always enjoyed the beautiful lithography on old stamps.  A few years back I began collecting them and with the help of friends and sometimes just people I met on a train or airplane I amassed a huge collection of stamps of all kinds.  I then began sorting them out according to color and theme and created collages.
At the moment I am putting together a new web site that is really an on line retrospective.  When I came to the stamp page I decided to create two new stamps.  One in honor of Passover  "Jewish Stars".  Here it is with a link to the new page.  The stars are Raoul Wallenberg, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Golda Meir, Ben Gurion and Ann Frank. (Christmas is the other new stamp just to keep a balance in the stamp family)