Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Okay, here is where the trumpets blare and the fanfare announces the finished piece.
If you are still with me on this design journey, we have reached our goal.
This piece again created in Flash started with music as a guide to the length of the piece.  I decided I wanted to have each square be one measure of the music so I knew how long it had to be.  I found a piece of music that I thought would suit the idea and began placing the squares on the screen in the order that they would eventually reach, after a small journey.  The journey ended up being quite interesting (at least to me).  Some cool things happen along the way and it all turns out as planned and then some.
In the middle of the piece I decided the music I had chosen did not say what it should, so I had to go searching again, but this time I found just the right tone with the Satie.  The animation works on the idea of imbalance and resolution and the Satie has an oriental feel to it that is just what I wanted.  It also has a very regular beat which fits the design.  The whole thing turns out to be quite calming and meditative.  It does take almost 4 minutes so put your feet up, have a martini at the end of the day and give it a try.