Wednesday, October 17, 2012

6' x 8"
oil on canvas board

This is the time of year when nostalgia fills the air.  Memories of the past swirl around and drift to earth with the leaves.  The scent of pine needles brings echoes of camp fires and the light is so sharp and clear, the shadows so deep it has to be autumn in Pennsylvania.  
School is beginning again in my heart.  I surely will be wearing my plaid skirt and my new sweater to school with knee socks.  I might be skipping along the sidewalks of Glenside to Glenside Welldon or walking hurridly to avoid the visious dog in Oak Lane to Pennypacker.  Or am I waiting for the bus in Worcester or walking to Penn down Walnut Street?  It's all in the sights and smells of this glorious season when life seems to renew in the heart and the mind as it dies out in one last magnificent show of color in the surrounding world.