Monday, February 25, 2013


6" x 8"
oil on canvas board

We share our small place on earth with a very few people.  The sun shines on us at almost the same angle day after day but how much do we really know about our neighbors?  
If your neighborhood is threatened in any way, it is possible to find out some important things about your neighbors.  Do they bury their head in the sand. Do they embrace the enemy, or do they join with you to appose the threat?  If you have a party do they show up with something home made to eat,  a bottle of wine or  Entenmann's Donuts.  If either one of you do something that could be construed as unneighborly - play music too loud late at night, have a dog that barks a lot early on Sunday morning, or a cat that eats your birds, can you speak to your neighbor about it without coming to blows?  All the most basic human interactions begin between neighbors. 
In this painting there is a small separation between houses.  Is this a composition in white, gray and siena, or a meditation on that separation?