Friday, April 26, 2013


Nancy Herman
archival print

While I am busy getting ready for the show at the Graver's Lane Gallery and weeding and planting my garden, I thought I would bring you some prints that I especially like.
These prints are produced in Photoshop.  I choose a painting whoose colors particularly appeal to me, scan the painting into Photoshop and select colors from it at random. Then I arrange them in order from dark to light filling squares as I go.  Once I have a very large group I select portions of the group and combine and recombine them until I have a combination that I like.  This is a way for me to combine my love of painting and pattern making.
Here is one of my favorites.  It represents my state of heart in the Spring.

This print can  12" x 12" - $100.00, 20" x 20" - $300.00, 36" x 36" - $500.00


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