Monday, November 21, 2011


Nancy Herman
12" x 9"
oil on canvas board

For this month's Virtual Paint-out I traveled to Arles France where Van Gogh made so many thick and delicious paintings.  I painted from a borrowed ipad as the printouts from the Google map were very dark and unreadable.  It was very much like being there, as the light through the colors is so good on the computer.  There were many wonderful spots to paint, but this one with it's lonely tree was most reminiscent of Van Gogh for me.



Kim C Pelletier said...

Very nice, as usual :) I love the simplicity and the soothing calmness that this landscape procures.

Unknown said...

Another goody, Nancy.
Vincent is also one of my favorite artists, and this image reminds me of how moved I was when
visiting the asylum at Arles where Vincent stayed to recuperate, and did so many of his most fantastic images. For me it was hallowed ground, and I felt his poignant presence
everywhere. Except in the gift shop.

Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka said...

I have my own "Lonely Tree" painting! There's something about a tree standing alone that's not only lonely but proud and strong.

Anonymous said...

Marvelous! I love it. And I really get the lone tree calling forth the spirit of Vincent, far more than anything painted in imitation of his style, like so many do. Bravo for making your own mark.